Plenty of time in timeless Athens

Athens is the capital of Greece and has about 745,000 inhabitants. The city is spread over seven hills with the Acropolis in the centre. The highest hill is Lykavittos, from where you have a magnificent view over the city. The history of the city dates back to prehistoric times. The oldest archaeological finds date back to the 6th millennium BCE. In addition to remains from ancient times, there are numerous chapels and churches preserved from the Byzantine period. But Athens has much more to offer than statues, columns, and churches alone. It is a metropolis that is bustling day and night, where each neighbourhood has a specific character, and the population is open, friendly, and hospitable.
The centre is dominated by the Acropolis, which annually attracts many domestic and foreign visitors. Right under the Acropolis is the Plaka, one of the oldest quarters of the city with original houses and narrow streets. We want to show you, besides the well-known attractions, also the lesser-known places of this amazing city.

Citywalks in Athens