Beautiful and rugged Karpathos

Karpathos is an island with beautiful beaches, lovely villages, and unspoilt, rugged nature. It lies between Crete and Rhodes and belongs to the Dodecanese archipelago. The picturesque villages are a bit hidden in the mountains, while Karpathos town is extending around the Vronthi Bay on the east coast of the island. In the northwest you can find the interesting 12th century village of Olympos, which for centuries has been isolated and until 1975, was only accessible by boat, via Diafani. Nowadays it is reachable by car from the south, but the boat is definitely recommended. Here many women still wear their traditional costumes, and it is still common to bake bread and cook in the old communal ovens. Karpathos is an ideal island to explore, in combination with relaxed hours at the beach.

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