Welcoming and hospitable Samos

The philosopher Herodotus wrote in 460 BCE, when he lived in Samos, that it was here he found the three most impressive buildings of Greece. The city walls of Polycrates, 5 m high and about 3 m thick with 35 towers and 12 gates, the temple of Hera, where thousands of years the Hera cult has taken place and the 1,350 m long tunnel of Eupalinios that served as aqueduct. The island is also the place where Pythagoras came up with his famous Pythagorean thesis a² + b² = c². Samos has a nice capital and a real student city, Karlovassi, which is also the commercial centre of the island. The island is rich in villages and hamlets, which are spread throughout the island, on the coast and far into the rough countryside. The interior is characterized by mountains up to about 1,000 m. Samos is an island with many opportunities for young and old!

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