Photogenic and adventurous Santorini

The world-famous island of Santorini is called "Thira" by the Greeks. Santorini is the Italian name, which was given during the Venetian administration, after the patron saint of the island, Agia Irini (Saint Irene). Santorini is unique both in form and landscape, which are the result of centuries of volcanic activity. Actually, the entire island is a volcano, which is still active to this day. The island is partly mountainous, with very steep ridges on the west coast but there are also flat areas, mainly in the eastern part. The volcanic soil is very fertile and is used for growing fruit and vegetables and produces high quality wines with a special taste. The island has a unique architecture that brilliantly made use of the natural conditions. The picturesque villages, the rugged nature, and the special sights, including the excavations at Akrotiri and Ancient Thira, in combination with the black lava beaches, make the island an ideal place for tourists.

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