Unique and harmonious Skyros

Skyros, with its varied undulating countryside, overgrown with fragrant vegetation in the north and rugged and pristine in the south, with numerous chapels and all the breath-taking sea views, offers the traveller a slice of authentic Greece. The island belongs to the Sporades in the North Aegean Sea and has about 3,000 inhabitants. Chora, the capital of the island is like an amphitheatre on a steep hillside on the east coast of the island. It is an interesting mixture of block-shaped white houses and Byzantine and Venetian influences, such as the Kastro, situated high above the town. In the north part is the archaeological excavation of Palamari, a fairly large walled city with heavy bastions from 2800 BCE, and to the south lies the tomb of the poet Rupert Brooke. Here, apart from the many thousands of goats grazing on the little vegetation, you can also encounter the wild Skyrian horses. The nearly 130 km long coastline consists mainly of rocks, alternated by beautiful beaches in large and small bays.

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