Theme holidays and tailor made travels to authentic Greece

We like to distinguish ourselves by offering quality, expertise, and personal attention. Through our years of experience and unique knowledge of the country and of the Greek language we have the ability to show you, apart from the well-known sites, the other, authentic sides of this beautiful country. We try to leave the beaten tracks so you can experience real Greece.

Are you:
Someone who appreciates special places, where the crowd usually does not come?
Someone who considers his most beautiful holiday memories are the lovely encounters with the locals?
Someone who wishes to stay in a beautiful, traditional, or characteristic place where one is welcomed as a guest and not as a number?
Someone who agrees that people and nature on the destination should benefit from tourism?

Then this website is for you:
The traveller who enjoys real, authentic Greece in all its beauty.

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Who we are and what we stand for

Carla Benningshof lives for over 25 years in Greece and has been working in tourism as a guide, sustainability controller of hotels and as a volunteer during emergencies for the ANWB/department travel insurances. Through many years of experience and expertise, she can inform you in detail and provide the necessary guidance on the spot.
Anneke Kamerling has lived for years in Greece and has worked as a destination-developer. She knows the ins and outs of the various destinations like no other. Each year she returns to Greece as a travel guide for special groups and theme holidays and to write and update her travel guides for

Together we want to share our passion with you, and we offer you our expertise to make sure you will have an unforgettable holiday in authentic Greece.

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Enjoy your holiday in hospitable Greece

The Greeks are known as warm and hospitable people.
FILOXENIA is Greek for hospitality. This includes the word "FILOS" = friend and the word "XENOS" = stranger. This says it all: in Greece, every foreigner is considered as a possible friend. In mythology, the god Zeus could disguise himself in many ways and visit your house as a total stranger. So, every visitor can be a special guest. Therefore, in a Greek house, any guest, even unexpected, is always welcome.
We from Secrets of Greece would like to show you the same hospitality. You are welcome to check our site and contact us for all your questions and wishes.

Just click on "contact" and we will be happy to help you on your way to the secrets of this beautiful country.

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