Tourism in harmony with nature, the environment, and the locals

The beauty and authenticity of a country are things that make a vacation memorable. We consider it important that our travellers act with care for nature and locals and respect the local culture. We from Secrets of Greece know these very special places and we like small-scale tourism with authenticity and comfort. Here you will not find big resorts, but small, often family run businesses. We consider the 'secrets of Greece' as the very things the real Greece lover is looking for. Such as traditions and customs. Do you want to know what is a laudanum-collector, and do you know how to find a mitato? What is a Tzitzikas (not to be confused with the famous tzatziki!) or drousouliti? And what to take as a gift when a Greek celebrates his name day?
We will introduce you to all these things, so you will learn much more about the country you are about to visit.
Sustainable tourism not only ensures that the negative aspects of tourism are limited as much as possible, but it also means profit for the locals.

Green seat
Secrets of Greece allows you to compensate the harmful emissions of your flight. For our flights CO2 compensation is standard included in the fare. The amount is invested in renewable energy projects.

What you can do yourself

1. Respect the locals
You are a guest in Greece. A country with a different culture and different customs. Respect this and learn a few words of Greek, the Greeks appreciate this very much. Note the dress code during your visit to churches and monasteries: no bare shoulders nor short skirts or shorts. If you want to photograph people, ask their permission. Not everyone likes it to be photographed, but some love it!

2. Please save water and energy
When you leave your accommodation, please shut off the air conditioning and lights. Please be careful with water! During the long dry summers, water shortages may occur.

3. Do not litter
Always take your litter. Use a refillable water bottle instead of buying plastic bottles every time. On all destinations fresh springs can be found, where you can fill your water bottle.

4. Buy local products
By eating in local restaurants and buy local or at least Greek products you stimulate not only the local economy, but you also protect the environment (less transportation). In almost every Greek supermarket you can find indications for Greek products.

5. Animals
In recent years much has been improved for the Greek stray dogs and cats. There are several animal shelters, which we support. These centres do what they can but are often overcrowded. They are always looking for good homes for the animals which are often found abroad. You can register as a flight attendant for transporting dogs/cats to your home country. Please register at least one week before departure of your return flight, at the animal shelter. Of course, you can also adopt a dog or cat and take this pet home.