Feel yourself at home amongst the locals in our unique, small-scale accommodations in authentic Greece

And of course, our hotels and apartments are each and every one a small secret of itself. Sometimes it is because of the location, maybe it is the hospitality of the owner and staff, sometimes it is the decoration. They are selected with great care always having in mind authenticity, sustainability, and comfort. The owners, who we all know in person, will do everything to make you feel at home. They are places that we have visited and actually want to keep for ourselves, to not have it overrun with tourists. But then again: we are confident that our guests will love them and that they will never attract mass tourism. With us you will find no large tourist complexes or all-inclusive resorts, but unique, small-scale accommodations. We also have a large database of accommodations throughout Greece, in all price ranges. From luxury villas, hotels, and apartments to simple rooms. Something for everyone. Feel free to ask.