Holidays with something extra

You can still appreciate sun, sea, and sand, but would you also like to be active during holiday? Then you will love Secrets of Greece's theme holidays. For example: active holidays, walking holidays, creative holidays, painting holidays, culinary holidays, cooking workshops and cultural holidays. Is it not exactly what you want? Ask us! We 'd love to put your dream vacation together.

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Action and Adventure

Enjoy exciting adventures under the Greek sun. A walking holiday is one of the best ways to get to know a country, the landscape, and its inhabitants. It offers you the opportunity to become one with nature and to view the country in peace from a different perspective. This is traveling at its best. Feel, smell, taste and experience the Greek life from nearby. Or maybe you prefer to take part in an adventurous safari tour. Through the countryside with overnights in small authentic mountain villages? And what about diving, mountain biking or canoeing? For the real daredevils there is the possibility of skydiving or bungy jumping in a beautiful gorge. We are happy to inform you about the possibilities.

Hiking holiday in Andros
City walks in Athens
Walking holidays in Crete

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Art and Culture

Be inspired and discover your talents and creativity! How about an inspiring painting holiday or to get the hang of the intricacies of the ancient mosaic technique under the Greek sun? A relaxing roundtrip by car, visiting original villages in the interior, which enables you to meet various traditional crafts? Perhaps you are fond of Greek music and your dream comes through when you can visit one of the many concerts. Or would you prefer to make music yourself and follow some bouzouki lessons? You name it, we will arrange it.

Painting holiday in Andros
Painting holiday in Karpathos
Painting holidays in Crete
Mosaic course in Crete
Sculpting holidays in Tinos
Marble carving in Naxos

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Cooking and Eating

Feel, prepare, and taste delicious, healthy, and fresh Greek food. Greek cuisine is known as the healthiest cuisine in Europe and offers a wide variety of dishes. Each region and each island have their own specialties. During our culinary tours we will introduce you to the traditional Greek cuisine, both with the ingredients and its preparation, and of course the tasting of the delicious dishes that you prepare yourself. Καλή σας όρεξη! - Bon appetit!

Culinary holiday in Andros
Culinary walks in Athens

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