Walking tours in Athens with an English speaking guide

Secrets of Athens
Explore and taste the real Athens. Discover Athens and her secrets on foot. We take you to the bustly vegetables- and fishmarket. And just a few steps further, in the peaceful Anafiotika neighbourhood, you might feel like you are on a peaceful island. From the historical Pnyx area you have a splendid view on the Acropolis, and you can burn a candle in one of the beautiful little Byzantine churches that we will visit. These are the fixed elements of the tour; in addition you will, depending on the circumstances, national holidays, events and the desires of the group, discover the Psiri area, the student quarter of Exargeia, the trendy Gazi district, the lively port of Piraeus, the national gardens, the changing of the guard at Syntagma square, the mondaine Kolonaki, or one of the many other sights of Athens. During this guided citywalk you will receive information about both ancient and modern Athens, you can literally taste some Greek specialities and meet interesting local people. In this way you get to know the true Athens. Of course we pause at one of the many terraces, where you can enjoy a delicious Greek ice coffee.

Day: Monday till Saturday
Starting time: 09.00 o 'clock
Starting point: Monastiraki (centre)
Duration: 3 hours
Price: € 25,- (children under the age of 16 € 10,-)
Including: Coffee with sweets, guide

Mezedakia tour
An introduction to the Greek kitchen. Mezedakia are a kind of Greek 'tapas'. This offers a great opportunity to taste many different dishes from the Greek cuisine. During this tour, that we make partly on foot and partly by public transport, we visit several bars and restaurants in different parts of Athens. These can vary from a traditional ouzerie to an authentic cellar restaurant, and from a mezedopoleio to a bar in the harbour. The common theme among all of them is that they are mainly visited by the local people. At each place you get something to drink and to eat, so at the end of the tour you have had a complete diner. The included dishes, and sometimes the drinks as well, are fixed (additional drinks or dishes can be ordered at one'ps own expense). The mezedakia tour is also suitable for vegetarians.

Day: Monday,Thursday,Friday and Saturday
Starting time: 18.00 o'clock
Starting point: Monastiraki (centre)
Duration: 4 hours
Price: € 35,- (children under the age of 16 € 25,-)
Including: Diner and 4 drinks, public transport, guide
For the Mezedakia tour a minimum of four participants is required.

Sunset in Athens
Guided evening walk in Athens. During this walk, which starts in the early evening, you will see Athens at its best. At this time, the soft evening sun gives the city a magical glow. The walk leads through narrow streets, past hidden terraces where Greeks enjoy their evening coffee, past ancient temples, where the sun waves a golden glow on the white marble, to a high point with a magnificent view of Athens, the port of Piraeus, the coastline and the historic island of Salamina. The walk ends in a Greek way; on a cozy terrace with a glass of wine or ouzo.

Day: Daily
Start time: Between 16.00 and 18.00 o'clock (depending on the season)
Starting point: Monastiraki (centre)
Duration: 2 hours
Price: € 18, – (children under 16 years € 8, –)
Including: Guide, glass of wine, ouzo or soda
Can be combined with the Mezedakia diner.

Mezedakia dinner
Eat like an Athenian amongst the Athenians. Souvlaki, tzatziki and moussaka you probably know, but if you also want to get familiar with other dishes from the rich Greek cuisine, make sure you book the mezedakia dinner. For the mezedakia dinner we take you to a traditional Greek tavern, one where also the Greeks themselves come to eat. We eat 'the Greek way'; this means that there are all kinds of mezedakia, a kind of Greek 'tapas', in the middle of the table, which are shared with the 'parea', you and your companions. This way, you will taste a variety of dishes, from salads to casseroles and from stews to dips. The Mezedakia dinner is also suitable for vegetarians.

Day: Daily
Start Time: 19:30 o'clock
Starting point: Monastiraki (centre)
Duration: 2 hours
Price: € 19, – (children under 16 years € 12, -)
Including: Dinner, 1 drink, guide
Price for the Mezedakia dinner booked in combination with the Athens by sunset tour: € 17,- including 1 drink (children under 16 years € 12,-)

Tailor made tours
In addition to the above mentioned tours we offer tailor-made solutions. Private tours, walks and bicycle tours in and around Athens. So you can book existing activities exclusively for your group, if required at any time. Or you can choose to have a tour organized, especially for you and your party.

A few of the possibilities:

Private hikes
Bike tours
Wine tastings
Companies visits
Tailor made excursions

Prices on request.