Friendly, peaceful, and pious Tinos

Tinos is a versatile island. It has a rugged nature and traditional picturesque villages. Remarkable are the numerous characteristic dovecotes and at least as many churches and chapels, scattered all over the island. In the capital, Chora, you find the most important pilgrimage church of Greece, the Evangelistria Church. Chora is a friendly place with narrow streets and alleys, where the typical Cycladic houses are interspersed with modern construction. Tinos is world famous for its green marble that is being extracted since ancient times and is long been known as an artists' island. It also has many beautiful sandy and pebbled beaches along the coastline. Since the island has no airport, it is a traditional, peaceful destination. From Rafina, on the Greek mainland, not far from the airport of Athens, several daily ferries as well as fast ferries sail to Tinos. The crossing time varies from about 2 to 4 hours. Tinos is a lovely island for those who want to enjoy peace and quiet, nature, art and culture.

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