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Greek cuisine is called the healthiest kitchen in Europe and offers a wide variety of different dishes. Each region and each island have their own specialties. I got this collection of recipes from my Greek friend Zoe, who in turn got it from her mother, etc., etc. In 1989, I met Zoe; a spontaneous Athenian, who, like me, loved cooking and good food. She learned the intricacies from her mother and gave me the recipes. Zoe passed away in 2005. That is why I dedicated this book to her. The recipes are easy, and the ingredients can be found outside Greece as well. I have tweaked them here and there as not all original ingredients are available outside of Greece. I hope you will enjoy these recipes as much as Zoe and I did, both in preparing and consuming them!

The proceeds from this book will be donated to animal shelters on various Greek islands.

The ZOE'S RECIPES cookbook in handy, landscape A5 format contains a number of delicious Greek recipes, that have been passed on from mother to daughter for generations. In time, they have been adapted to the modern kitchen and its new techniques. From century-old, well-known dishes and pasties to exiting new drinks.

Cook, eat, drink, and enjoy like the Greeks do!

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Edition: 2021
Format: Landscape A5 paperback
Pages: 73
Publisher: ITTS (

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